Thursday, June 23, 2011

Choosing To Live Life At A Higher Frequency

Did you know good things and opportunities present themselves to people who have a higher frequency?

“But Lisa…you have NO idea of all of the things that I am going through!  How am I suppose to have a higher frequency with all the negative stuff going on in my life?!” 

Did you know that by raising your frequency you will immunize yourself against that lower frequency!
  YOU must change…. then…and ONLY then…. your LIFE will change.

You know the saying “Life isn’t HAPPENING to you – Life is RESPONDING to you.”  This is so true.  We witness daily those who are consistently running on a lower frequency – First they have THIS happening to them, then they have THAT happening to them, then THIS person did THIS and later THAT person did THAT.  It’s ALWAYS something or ALWAYS somebody else that is creating the drama in their lives.  The people living with a lower frequency seem to never be happy with their lives, their job, their relationships, their body, their finances….they are never happy with any one thing for a considerable length of time.  It’s one dramatic problem after another. 

Do you know someone like this?  If you knew me quite a few years ago – then you did know someone who lived life daily on a low frequency.  You’d never guess I was the same person if you were to meet me today.  Did I have negative things, unfair things happen to me and negative people in my life?  Yes.  I played the victim card and the blame game whenever I could – which was often.  I didn’t realize I had a powerful, wise and rational voice of reason I had yet to meet and utilize.

I was fortunate enough to have been given information which resulted in the knowledge of choosing to live on a higher frequency level and to be introduced to my own amazing, nurturing and rational voice. 

I chose to act upon this newfound knowledge which resulted in attracting awesome people, wonderful things and exciting opportunities!

Do I have days where things don’t go my way?  Oh, you bet!  Do I attract people once in a while who are of lower frequency?  Yes I do.  However I have learned that when those things happen or when those people present themselves to me – I have a choice to maintain my higher frequency level. 

Surrounding myself for any length of time to those who are of a lower frequency is detrimental to my quality of life.  Even if I may love those people (and I love ALL people), I limit my time with them as much as possible.  I consciously make these choices whether they are popular to the masses or not, for I know the affects in regards to my quality of life. 

Did you know that when you are living in a lower frequency that you are closing the door to positive opportunities, things and people?

You might ask “Lisa, what exactly do you mean by lower frequency?” 

Lower frequency is all fear based and result in symptoms.  Fear based symptoms are toxic to your quality of life.   Living in high frequency however means living in LOVE!

 For example – let’s say that you are feeling impatient which is a lower frequency, fear based symptom.  What would be the contrast to being impatient?  Yes, patient.  Okay, let’s do another one.  Let’s assume you are distracted.  What would be the contrast to distracted?  Yes, being present!  (You’re getting good at this!)  Can you think of other lower frequency symptoms and their contrast?  Un-giving and Generous, Insecure and Confident, Humble and Arrogant.  I’m sure you could come up with many more. 

The more you live in Love – the more you close the door to the toxic symptoms of Fear.  The more you live in higher frequency – the more you will repel the lower frequency in your life.

But Lisa…..” 

No, no more “Buts”.  I know of many wonderful people who chose to live at a higher frequency and they have experienced a loss in their childhood due to abuse, lost a job, lost a spouse, buried a child.  This is a “choice” – there are no “buts”.  Some will choose to make this choice, others will not.  Others choices are not up to you to make.  This is a decision you must make on your own.

Let’s see where you are in your frequency by asking yourself a few of these questions.

·         Do you find yourself criticizing others?

·         Do you find yourself being defensive?

·         Have you noticed that you seem to over react?

·         Do you worry often?

·         How are your relationships?

·         How is your job?

·         How are your finances?

·         Are you healthy?

·         Do you get angry easily?

·         Are those you are spending most of your time with living in fear?

Think about these questions and just by being aware of your answers you will be able to realize what frequency you are presently living your life.

                                    When you become aware of a lower frequency (fear), now is the time to call in your nurturing and rational voice of reason (love).

What are you fearful of? 

In Sonia Choquoette’s recent works she assisted her audience with rational approaches to their fears.  Here is one of her examples:

1.       I am fearful of not being able to pay my bills because more is going out than what is coming in.

2.       I am fearful of not being able to pay my bills because I haven’t been receiving any child support. 

3.       I am fearful of not being able to pay my bills because they are laying people off at my place of employment.

4.       I am fearful of not being able to pay my bills because my children’s college education is so expensive.

Now let’s call in your nurturing voice of reason to come up with rational approaches to deal with each of the above.

1.       I can put myself on a budget

2.       I can put away a small amount from each paycheck so that I have an emergency fund to fall back on.

3.       I can rent out a room in my home.

4.       My children can apply for grants and scholarships.

What are the worst-case scenarios?  What are you most fearful of?  Is the worst-case scenario realistic? 
Even if the worst-case scenario DID happen – you would still be okay.  You might not be thrilled with the outcome but you would be okay. 

Ask yourself questions in regards to all of your fears and continue to bring forth your rational voice of reason until you have covered everything you can think of. 

Do you notice you are at a higher frequency now since you have rationally approached each fearful area?  If you do find yourself still afraid – ask yourself if these feelings are really yours or are they someone else’s. 

This is about YOU.  This is YOUR life.  You DO have a nurturing and rational voice of reason and it loves for you to call upon it!  Continue to practice to live your life in love, live your life in a higher frequency and when you continue to do so –  you will be presented with awesome people, wonderful things and exciting opportunities.  No “buts”!

© Copyright 2011-Lisa A. Hardwick -All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Everything Is A Relationship

Everything is a relationship. Everything. You have a relationship with the people in your life. You have a relationship with objects, food, nature and all things. All of these relationships mirror the relationship
you have with yourself, and the relationship you have with yourself is a result of the relationships you had as a child with the adults who were in your life.

How the adults reacted to you when you were a child is most likely the way you act towards yourself now.
How do you scold yourself? Most likely it is the same way your parents scolded you. When they would praise you, what would they say? I bet they are the same words you say to yourself.

What if you were the child who no adult praised? You wouldn’t know how to praise yourself, would you? Or perhaps you do not believe there is anything about yourself worth praising. Are you getting a better understanding of the how’s and why’s of your behavior now?

When I learned things such as how I would scold or praise myself and where it derived from, it was a sigh of relief to me. In most cases, every relationship we have is a mirror of the relationship we have had with either our mother or our father. I knew I had to heal those relationships before I would ever be able to create what I
wanted in relationships.

I have learned that all the relationships I have obtained in my life were a mirror of myself. What I attracted always mirrored what I knew about relationships. I made many unhealthy choices when it came to the relationships I attracted throughout my life up to my personal moment of awakening. Yet, this is what I knew. I am not blaming my parents. Remember, we are all victims of victims. Everyone is doing the best they can with what they know.

All of us attract relationships that mirror us. Our friends, our lovers, our spouse, our boss, our employees are people we attract. If there are things you don’t like about the people you attract, that is because their conditioning is the same as your conditioning in some area of their person. The part you don’t love.

Let’s take for example a friend who is not someone you could trust and disappoints you. Now close your eyes, look deep inside of you and ask yourself “Am I someone I can trust?” Answer honestly. Then
ask yourself “Am I willing to remove this part of myself?” When you make a commitment to remove these beliefs from your thoughts, the other person will change or move on from your life.

If you have a lover who is manipulative and cold, look inside yourself and see if one of your parents was manipulative and cold. Perhaps you have a child who has a behavior towards certain things that gets
under your skin. I am most certain they are your behaviors. The only way your child can learn is by imitating those adults they are around. Reprogram your thoughts and remove it from within you, and you
will find your child will remove it automatically.

I learned the only way to change others was to change myself. When I changed myself, my relationships changed and then lo and behold I created the life I envisioned.