Thursday, June 16, 2011

Everything Is A Relationship

Everything is a relationship. Everything. You have a relationship with the people in your life. You have a relationship with objects, food, nature and all things. All of these relationships mirror the relationship
you have with yourself, and the relationship you have with yourself is a result of the relationships you had as a child with the adults who were in your life.

How the adults reacted to you when you were a child is most likely the way you act towards yourself now.
How do you scold yourself? Most likely it is the same way your parents scolded you. When they would praise you, what would they say? I bet they are the same words you say to yourself.

What if you were the child who no adult praised? You wouldn’t know how to praise yourself, would you? Or perhaps you do not believe there is anything about yourself worth praising. Are you getting a better understanding of the how’s and why’s of your behavior now?

When I learned things such as how I would scold or praise myself and where it derived from, it was a sigh of relief to me. In most cases, every relationship we have is a mirror of the relationship we have had with either our mother or our father. I knew I had to heal those relationships before I would ever be able to create what I
wanted in relationships.

I have learned that all the relationships I have obtained in my life were a mirror of myself. What I attracted always mirrored what I knew about relationships. I made many unhealthy choices when it came to the relationships I attracted throughout my life up to my personal moment of awakening. Yet, this is what I knew. I am not blaming my parents. Remember, we are all victims of victims. Everyone is doing the best they can with what they know.

All of us attract relationships that mirror us. Our friends, our lovers, our spouse, our boss, our employees are people we attract. If there are things you don’t like about the people you attract, that is because their conditioning is the same as your conditioning in some area of their person. The part you don’t love.

Let’s take for example a friend who is not someone you could trust and disappoints you. Now close your eyes, look deep inside of you and ask yourself “Am I someone I can trust?” Answer honestly. Then
ask yourself “Am I willing to remove this part of myself?” When you make a commitment to remove these beliefs from your thoughts, the other person will change or move on from your life.

If you have a lover who is manipulative and cold, look inside yourself and see if one of your parents was manipulative and cold. Perhaps you have a child who has a behavior towards certain things that gets
under your skin. I am most certain they are your behaviors. The only way your child can learn is by imitating those adults they are around. Reprogram your thoughts and remove it from within you, and you
will find your child will remove it automatically.

I learned the only way to change others was to change myself. When I changed myself, my relationships changed and then lo and behold I created the life I envisioned.

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