Friday, July 29, 2011


Most mornings I wake up and continue to rest in my bed for about fifteen minutes and during this time I set my intentions for the day.  “Today, I will make a difference!  Today, something AWESOME is going to happen!  Today I will continue to focus on all I am grateful for and thank Spirit!” 

These few minutes every morning are imperative to how my day is going to unfold.  On those days I am running behind and I am unable to practice this routine are the days where everything seems a bit more challenging.  Needless to say – when I experience those challenging days of contrast -  I am then aware of the importance to commit to my early morning intentions meditation.

I didn’t sleep well last night.  I started a new medication a few days ago to assist me with insulin resistance and I’ve been fatigued and very nauseous.  In other words, I have physically felt terrible for three whole days.  As I awoke this morning I began my intentions meditation routine.  “Today I’m feeling better!  Today I will be able to eat!  Today I will make a difference!”

Then as I lay there a while longer….I “listen” to any messages Spirit sends to me and what I “heard” was very surprising.

“You place a large amount of your focus on unnecessary numbers, Lisa.  Every day focusing onunnecessary numbers has a huge affect on your life.  You are focusing on how many days you have felt awful. You focus most mornings on what the scale reads.  You focus on your finances.  You focus on how many miles it will take to arrive at your destination.  You focus on how many hours you were able to sleep.  You focus on how many days you were in the office.  You focus on your calorie intake.  You focus on how far you walked.  What would your life be like if you didn’t place so much focus on unnecessary numbers? 

This was another “ah-ha” moment for me.  Another bright light in my journey!  I DO focus on unnecessary numbers, measurements, time, etc. throughout my day – EVERY day.  Many times when I wake up – I look at the clock to determine how many hours I slept.  I then calculate fifteen minutes for meditations.  I go to the kitchen to get my coffee and I measure out the creamer so I have the correct amount for the allotted calories.  As I sip my coffee I go jump on the scales and write the number on a sheet of paper I keep in the closet. 

I am now aware of how often focusing on unnecessary numbers contributes to my emotional well being.  Will I change some of this behavior to reap the benefits of a more free mind?  Absolutely!  I know awareness is the most important tool to change.  Focusing on unnecessary numbers ALL the time is exhausting!  Today, I am being more patient with myself.  Today I AM feeling better!  Today I DID make a difference in someone else’s life! And today….I was able to eat a delicious and healthy lunch and I have NO idea how many calories it contained!  

Just for today – I’m living another day of beautiful intentions and being guided by Spirit.  Today is a pretty good day.

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