Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Hotel Chair

I'm sitting in a workshop and the lecturer is speaking to us about writer's block.  She is giving us 5 minutes to write something, anything, just put pen to paper and stop thinking so much.  She yells "GO!" so loud I literally jump and those around me start to giggle.

Here I sit with the worst writer's block I think I have ever experienced and I am in a darn writer's workshop.  God help me.  Okay, just write something ~ it will only take a few minutes ~ I wonder how many minutes I have left?  If she makes us read these in front of everyone I am going to be sick.  She says if we write from heart to pen and not think about grammar, typos or how others will react to it - it could be a very good start to a day of miraculous happenings....if I would just simply put a little "pen to paper".  

So I start.... Here I sit in a chair so comfortable I want to somehow take it home.  I imagine what I would say to the Hotel Manager when he tracks me down after my departure.  "Uh chair? I don't recall "a chair" in the room. Who was the person who had the room before me? Oh really? Pastor McGuillicutty? Hmmm.... well, perhaps you should call him...yeah, that's what I'd do."

I've never stolen anything in my life...funny how I am fantasizing about such a thing and writing about stealing a beige, trendy chair from The Westin in Chicago.  I laugh to myself when I think about my friend who is with me - how she would help me to get the chair to the elevator....disguise it from other guests...distract the concierge...carry it across the parking lot...running in uncomfortable high heel shoes...laughing hysterically, dropping it, picking it back up, slipping, sliding, breaking a fake nail ~ then determining it won't fit in the SUV.  Do we take it back?  Do we set it under that beautifully landscaped tree and enjoy sitting in it together as we "belly laugh" about our childish adventure?

Times up - Yeah, this exercise was fun.  Oh great, out of all the people in this workshop she has called on me. Not the lady with those glasses that have a funky chain going up to her ears  and balancing frames at the end of her nose - my God, she even has a #2 pencil in her hair bun!  Call on her! :)

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