Thursday, January 20, 2011

This Magnificent Moment

Habitually worrying about what is going to happen in the future is simply as neurotic as worrying about what happened in the past.  When my thoughts are obsessing about the future or the past it is just another way the ego cheats me out of joy by directing my attention away from my present moment.

As I recall how I would continue to have apprehension about what my life would be in the future, I realize how much time I wasted.  Now I am here, right now, in that very moment I obsessed so often about.  I’ve learned a very important life lesson… never again waste any of my precious and treasured energy worrying about my yesterdays or my impending tomorrows – I am cognizant of the many occasions I did not live fully because of my focal direction.  I didn’t realize at the time how wonderful, peaceful and glorious the present was!  I now obtain this knowledge and I am so grateful for the eminent lesson I was fortunate enough to have learned.

Whatever it is, make a conscious choice to be in the present moment

Today, I strive to make it a vital habit to be IN the present moment.  Whether it be working on a presentation, writing about a challenging subject, spending time with friends or posting a comment on FaceBook….whatever I am doing at that moment…I am IN THAT MOMENT.  If I am having a conversation with you – I am IN that conversation with YOU. If I am writing a blog - I am IN THAT MOMENT writing the blog.  

Do my thoughts ever wander back to the past or worry about the upcoming days?  Yes, of course.  However, since I do work diligently regarding the “awareness” of my past mind conditioning… this results in not experiencing those obsessive thought processes for very long.  The more quickly I am aware – the more rapidly I may choose to bring my thoughts back to the present moment, for the present moment is where the serenity, peace and love reside. 

We all have a choice to come out of the cold

To me it is comparable to swimming across a frigid body of water and becoming aware that the boat is right next to me whereas I can choose to jump aboard, rest and bask with delight in the warm serene sun. 

Are you struggling right now, worrying obsessively about how or if you are going to make your way across the water?  Remember, the boat is right here, right next to you.  Come aboard... I’ve saved you a comfortable chair...  Sit and let’s enjoy the warmth, the respite and this magnificent present moment together, shall we?

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  1. Lisa, You are so uplifting.. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much Joyce! I appreciate your kind words :)