Thursday, January 20, 2011

Understanding The Energy of Affirmations

Be CAREFUL! Whatever you say or think – your subconscious will hear! And when your subconscious listens it will obediently follow by granting you a life based on what you are “asking for”. It’s true! It happens EACH and EVERY time!
Think about your thoughts. There are times you speak your thoughts, and other times you simply keep them to yourself. Close your eyes and just “be” for a moment. What are the thoughts that are running through your mind? Are you surprised at what they are?
Do you recall what thoughts were running through your mind at any given moment of the past day? Try diligently to be very aware of what you are feeding your subconscious. Remember, whatever you are feeding it – is your life.
Affirmation is one of the simplest ways to reprogram your subconscious. How affirmation works miracles in your life is very simple. By consciously repeating and visualizing how you want your life to be, your subconscious will adapt to your conscious thoughts and be on auto-pilot for the life you envision. Really! It’s THAT SIMPLE!

There are two kinds of affirmation:
AUTOSUGGESTION affirmation comes from your very self. This can be in the form of writing down your affirmations, repeating them to yourself either through mental meditation or saying them out loud, and then mentally fantasizing about you living the life of your vision. Some who practice Autosuggestion affirmation even record themselves speaking their affirmation and then meditate by listening to their own voice stating the affirmation while visualizing the life they want in their mind.

HETEROSUGGESTION affirmation comes from other sources. Listening to the radio, watching television, surfing the internet, reading a magazine article, or even advice or opinions from other people are sources of heterosuggestion affirmation.
Where is YOUR affirmation coming from? When you have a challenge in life, who do YOU turn to? What do you do in YOUR spare time? Each and every day you have a choice as to what you must tolerate most of the time. Do you surround yourself with negative people who constantly complain about life or their circumstances? Do you listen to the news reports in the morning about such things such as a struggling economy or people killing people? These choices you are making are Heterosuggestion Affirmation and they are CREATING YOUR LIFE!

Some may say “But you don’t understand, I am having a problem with one of my children”, “It’s hard to try this when I know my spouse is having an affair”, “I’m a lost cause, I just lost my job and I am 50 pounds overweight”. STOP! This is exactly what I am talking about. Your subconscious mind IS your life. Think about some legends whose circumstances were far more difficult than yours who succeeded in living the life they desired. (Lucille Ball, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Mother Teresa……..I could go on and on) They programmed their subconscious to play on auto-pilot under ANY circumstance. No more excuses. Your subconscious mind has taught you that you can use excuses as your excuse for not living the life you desire.

Make a decision to train your subconscious by practicing Autosuggestion throughout your day. If you don’t learn to Auto-suggest you will become a victim of Heterosuggestion.
Whatever you are listening to on a consistent basis your subconscious believes it is true, and it then it becomes true. Today, make a decision to be the one who decides what your subconscious listens to.

The following are an example of some affirmations you can practice – practice this every day and before you know it – your subconscious will be on auto-pilot.
1. All of the resources I need are on the way to me.

2. I am unified with the Universe.

3. My intentions unfold with ease.

4. As I think a thought, energy is put in motion to create my new reality.

5. I am clearly pointed in the direction of my dreams.

6. I am attracting a positive solution.

7. Every day I am getting better and better.

8. I am a radiant being, filled with light and love.

9. My life is blossoming in total perfection.

10. Everything I need is already with me.

11. The more I give, the more I receive and the happier I feel.

12. God created me uniquely and for a purpose.

13. Abundance is my natural state of being and I accept it now.

14. Everything is coming to me easily and effortlessly.

15. I feel good and good is attracted to me.

16. I am supported and encouraged to follow my passion.

17. I can change my life.

18. I can make a difference.

19. I hold the key to my destiny.

20. Action is the energy that translates my thoughts into reality.

Take a moment and make a list of your own affirmations. Perhaps your list will be more personalized to your life with topics including Abundance, Anxiety, Grief, Fear, Forgiveness, Health, Prosperity, Weight Loss, etc. The key to success is to repeat your affirmations on a continuous basis either through writing them down or reading them daily. Some people practice their affirmations upon awakening or before they go to sleep. It won’t take long before your will notice a significant change in your life and before you know it – you will have the life you always dreamed of!

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